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At dexter-hexis we provide access to free downloads of some of the softwares we develop ourselves such as the: small and medium office management softwares, stock manager,customers and clients database software. And we also provide driver and utility softwares for some services we render and for devices we sell to our customers and clients, such as: Vehicle tracking manager, fleet manager, GPS tracker, and drivers

Softwares Development

At Dexter-Hexis we have seasoned and professional software developers that can help your organization to develop softwares so as to meet up with the demands and challenges in your organization and also to help alleviate or exterminate challenges from your organization.
All what you have to do is to contact us, share your challenges with us, we will brainstorm and see how and where we can arrive at solving what ever challenges you want to prevent, alleviate or eliminate. We can develop software that will prevent truance at work, employers database, theft, embesslement, illegal and ghost workers, e.t.c. WE also write automation programmes which are softwares that enable devices work on their own without lesser or no human control, e.g. automation of doors, security light censors, traffic lights, mechanical and electrical devices, fabricated devices, e.t.c. We also have a highly sophisticated software which helps in the management of Hospital (e-Hospital Management system), School Management (School Enterprise System), Grand-App which is a point of sale software and it is also effecient for supermarkets, factories, and any sales and production organization.