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This is a personalized electronic safe which is useful to individual or
corporate organizations.

Armoured Escorts

This is for protected logistics
services of classified and vulnerable materials.


We offer digital vehicle diagnosis,
error code reading and automobile electricals & electronics.

About Us

We wish to introduce our company DEXTER-HEXIS TECHNOLGY, a duly registered Limited Liabilty company which has distinguished itself in the area of information and communication technology, and also in the field of safety and security industry.
It must be reiterated that the company’s enviable success with the provision of efficient services to its clientele has been dictated by the peculiarities of each client and accommodation of these peculiarities.
Amongst our areas of expertise are; vehicle security/ tracking as well as the provision of office and home security solutions ranging from Digital Surveillance, Access control and Comprehensive GSM based home security system, networking, hardware engineering, VSAT solutions, web programming and development, software development, sales of computer and security gadgets .